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Our Projects

Here are some of the projects we have worked on over the years that we are really proud of.

Anything Good SingaporeLove Action Project, C/L Studio, Soul Dot SGSvelteKit
NLB ReadFest - The Curious Adventure of the SalarymanNational Library Board (in partnership with In The Wild)Next.js
Courtney Barnett ArchiveCourtney Barnett (in partnership with Raphael Ong & Look Out Kid)Gatsby
The Finger PlayersThe Finger Players (in partnership with In The Wild)Wordpress
Singapore Drama Educators AssociationSingapore Drama Educators Association (in partnership with In The Wild)Gatsby
B-sidein the wildWordpress
InwordsSymbiose TechnologiesiOS
Doppler WiFi TransferBrushed TypeiOS
In The Wild Landing Sitein the wildWeb Design, Webflow
Our Shared StoriesNational Library Board (in partnership with In The Wild)Web Design, Webflow
NextBus AndroidSG NextBusAndroid, Design
NextBus WebSG NextBusWeb Design, React
Open Event iOSFOSSAsiaiOS, Design
Nebulo - Beautiful Smog ReportsUndertide AppsiOS, Android, Node, Go